2 Dec '15

A Big Thank You

On a domestic note I think we should all extend a massive congratulatory pat on the back to our stoic volunteer ground staff who have provided us with a fantastic playing surface on the main pitch & even made the outside pitch playable where in previous years similar periods of rainfall would have caused any match to be cancelled.


The supporter of the week must however go to our former player, illustrious Captain and dedicated coach not just for us but for so many up to International level throughout his career
George Squires.

Now also Mayor of Ilfracombe & local councillor so leading a fairly active retirement from teaching.

On a miserable Saturday without commitments when it would have been so easy to sit in the chair & watch a game on the TV he chose to get on a bus from Coombe at 12 noon ish for an hour & a half trip to watch our boys at Biddy, stop for a quick pint after the game & then catch a bus back again.

I personally take my hat off to him. He is also & always has been great company as well as knowing a little bit about the game! Well done George.

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