Drugs Policy

Adopted 14.06.2022.
This Policy is to be reviewed annually by the Executive Committee.

Policy reviewed and confirmed for continued use 05/06/2023

Bideford Rugby Football Club Drugs Policy

1 Purpose of this document

1.1 This document is designed to provide guidance to members on the club’s stance on Drug use and the possible sanctions for anyone who does not abide by the club rules.

1.2 The club does not believe there is an inherent problem with drug use/abuse among the membership but wants the position to be clear to all members and visitors. The club may decide to run educational programmes in addition to creating rules & policies. This policy should always be read in conjunction with current, relevant RFU guidance and policies.

2 Drug Use in Bideford RFC and at club related activities

The club can only involve itself in dealing with matters involving club members that arise on club premises and/or at club events – e.g. away matches and tours.

2.1 Anyone found supplying or selling performance enhancing or recreational drugs on club premises or at club events will be dealt with by the club Disciplinary Sub-Committee.

2.2 Passing drugs to a friend is legally regarded as supplying.

2.3 For the avoidance of doubt, a person is responsible for anything that they take into their own bodies, including inhaled, taken by mouth, absorbed, or injected. The “he told me to do it” defence is not acceptable.

2.4 A player or member may face immediate suspension from all club activity if they are found or caught using or supplying drugs at the club or any club occasion or event.

2.5 Cases may (probably will) be referred to the Police by the Executive Committee or Disciplinary Sub-Committee in order that criminal matters can be considered.

2.6 The Club disciplinary outcome may consider the degree of criminality proven externally when determining the club sanction.

2.7 A club member convicted of drugs offences outside the club may still be subject to club disciplinary proceedings.

2.8 Persons wishing to join the club may be refused membership if they have a drug related conviction.

2.9 All levels of sanction can be considered in drug use and/or supply cases up to an including a lifetime ban from the club and club grounds. This would particularly be the case if the member was a responsible adult and if that person was convicted of a drugs related offence.

2.10 Standard of Proof: The Executive Committee and the Disciplinary Sub-Committee will apply the civil standard of proof.

2.11 Where the offence is minor and involves an age grade member the club may get involved in supporting that member through drugs related support programmes etc.

2.12 If the person involved is a non-member attending a club function/club event, then they will be subject to a life ban from attending the club or any club functions and the matter will be referred to the Police.

2.13 It is the task of the Disciplinary Sub-Committee to recommend an appropriate form of disciplinary action and/or sanction for all offences to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee decision will be final. The individual(s) may be permitted to address the Executive Committee.

2.14 The club may occasionally run drugs awareness education sessions for all age-grade players age groups U16 to senior. This will cover performance enhancing and recreational drugs and will be delivered by a consultant. This training will be appropriate to the age of the persons attending and Parents may be invited to attend.

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