2023 Winter Training – Rota & Pitch Allocations

It is necessary to protect the pitches and still get as much training in as possible. Therefore, training is split between Bideford College and the Rugby Club.

In order to allow age groups to continue full contact training there is a rota in place between the rugby club and the College. The early and late split is still maintained.

U7s and U8s will train at Bideford College EVERY week in the Sports Hall between 6 and 7pm

Early session 6-7pm – U7, U8, U9, U10, U11 and U12

Late session 7 – 8pm at College & 7:15-8:30pm at Club – U13, U14, U15 and Senior Ladies

To note, Junior Girl and Vixens continue to train on Tuesdays down at the Rugby Club every week.

Below are pitches at Rugby Club (No use of inside pitch).

Below are the pitches at Bideford College:

Date Pitch ID Early Session Late Session
01-Nov A U9 U13
01-Nov B U10 U14
01-Nov C U11 U15
01-Nov D U12 SL
08-Nov A U11 U15
08-Nov B U12 SL
08-Nov C U9 U13
08-Nov D U10 U14
15-Nov A U9 U13
15-Nov B U10 U14
15-Nov C U11 U15
15-Nov D U12 SL
22-Nov A U11 U15
22-Nov B U12 SL
22-Nov C U9 U13
22-Nov D U10 U14
29-Nov A U9 U13
29-Nov B U10 U14
29-Nov C U11 U15
29-Nov D U12 SL
06-Dec A U11 U15
06-Dec B U12 SL
06-Dec C U9 U13
06-Dec D U10 U14
(Winter Break)      
03-Jan A U11 U15
03-Jan B U12 SL
03-Jan C U9 U13
03-Jan D U10 U14
10-Jan A U9 U13
10-Jan B U10 U14
10-Jan C U11 U15
10-Jan D U12 SL
17-Jan A U11 U15
17-Jan B U12 SL
17-Jan C U9 U13
17-Jan D U10 U14
24-Jan A U9 U13
24-Jan B U10 U14
24-Jan C U11 U15
24-Jan D U12 SL
31-Jan A U11 U15
31-Jan B U12 SL
31-Jan C U9 U13
31-Jan D U10 U14
07-Feb A U9 U13
07-Feb B U10 U14
07-Feb C U11 U15
07-Feb D U12 SL
14-Feb A U11 U15
14-Feb B U12 SL
14-Feb C U9 U13
14-Feb D U10 U14
21-Feb A U9 U13
21-Feb B U10 U14
21-Feb C U11 U15
21-Feb D U12 SL
28-Feb A U11 U15
28-Feb B U12 SL
28-Feb C U9 U13
28-Feb D U10 U14

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