11 Mar '19

Bideford Under 16’s Report

crediton v bideford mongrels under 16s.
Bideford were on a 8 game winning streak and in the red mud of crediton new this game wasn’t going to be easy.
with a strong wind at their backs biddy should have kicked for territory but decided to take the wrong option and run the ball against a good creddy defence.
Bideford were in creditons 22 for a good spell putting on a lot of pressure and got rewarded with an easy 3 points but once again went for a quick tap n go and lost the ball .
Half time should,ve been 3.0 could,ve been 20 -0.
Crediton 0 Biddy 0
In part two crediton put on 10 fresh players with some new unusually  large for under 16s ?,and with this and several injuries took its toll on biddy.
though it took creddy till the last 15 minutes to get on the scoreboard with two tries.
with fantastic line out from sam suspect and man of the match zac adams , scrum half archie raymondo keeping creddy on their toes, thunderous hits from new overseas signing jonny hong kong and big carries from corry tank haydon and peachy draper the mongrels never gave up and came close in the final minutes.
final score crediton 10 bideford 0
Revenge is sweet lads lets do them in the final.

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