29 Dec '19

Bideford Vets Vs Topsham Vets

Bideford Vets went to Topsham for an afternoon of rugby and laughs. Gibby had managed to secure his mini bus for the day but and sportingly turned up in his usual fancy dress outfit he sportingly secured from Oxfam, however he didn’t have any kit at all.The bus was loaded and resembled the sunshine bus on a field trip Alf managing to bring along a team mascot for the day (is there anything that lad wont do for the team?It was touch and go on the way down if we would have a team as one car being directed by long distance driver Baz ‘TOMTOM’ Elston could have easily taken a wrong turn, especially as he thought Cardiff was in England!On arrival there was the usual thoughts of ‘SHIT we actually have to play and ‘we don’t have a full front row will they go for passive scrums. We needn’t have bothered as they had 7 players amassed for the day. Fair play to them they were keen to have a game so we all pitched in and leant them players to make a game of it……probably more of a game than it should have been seen as two of our players scored for them and one creating a try by mugging Palmer off at the side of the ruck.All in all it was a good first half possibly the highlight was that everyone made it through the half with out injury and Baz managed to stay on the pitch! (Just) There was minor altercation between local hard man to Topsham Barry Mcsweagan who once was the Devon Grecian wrestling champion. Barry did well to talk him out of a fight with plenty of hand gestured to the forehead. If it wasn’t for Gibby and his kick boxer gloves he made before the game it could have got nasty.Stephen Dean playing for Topsham scored a try for the…..There were plenty of scores but due to the high octane pace of the game Storm didn’t keep track of them the useless turd. Alf was terrible though which storm noted several times on his note pad.Second half was a bit more interesting Jon Turner opting to send Harry Waters over to the opposition and he ran in a try for them…..Thats a fine!Play of the day went to man of the match Chizzie who put in a great shift at 9. A delicate chip over the top for Stu to chase cracking effort both of you deserve a Nutella dipper for that. End of the game came to a 37-26 win for the vets minus the 10 points we scored for the 37-16 great effort gents.

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