9 Sep '21

COVID Update

Since 16th August, Government regulations in respect of Covid have been removed and advice has been amended to take account of the absence of regulation. Such advice is to be found on the government website – Corona Virus. The following advice is an interpretation of Government advice in the context of our local club and community situation. All members are urged to visit the site and read the Government advice.
The level of Covid infection in Torridge, north Devon and the South West peninsular generally, remains very high. We have all been tasked by the Government to exercise individual and personal responsibility in protecting ourselves and others. However, as members of an active and well-supported Club, we all have a wider responsibility to our fellow Club members, all our playing teams and the wider Torridge community. We continue to take precautions within the clubhouse and changing rooms and all coaches are urged to continue using the Covid sanitising buckets, seeking replacement materials as soon as necessary.
Recently, there have been instances of players being exposed to Covid infection, which were promptly reported to the Covid Team. We are very grateful for such prompt and responsible action on the part of the players involved and remedial action, isolation, has been successfully undertaken.
Throughout the pandemic our Club has continued to act sensibly and with caution. The purpose of this document is to advise all players, members and supporters of what action to take if one is in contact with someone who has tested Covid positive. Contact means:

• Face to face contact within 1 metre of someone for more than 15 minutes;
• Face to face with someone coughing/spluttering within 1 metre;
• Travelling in the same vehicle;
• Living in the same household;
• Being within 2 metres of someone who has tested positive for more than 15 minutes in one day.

If such contact occurs, the Club is asking you to remain away from the club for 10 days and to inform the Covid Team. Even if you receive a negative PCR test within the 10 day period you should still remain away. If you receive a positive PCR test then you should restart the 10 day period. We are advising this approach even if you have been double-vaccinated. Our local hospitals have a significant number of patients with Covid who have been double-vaccinated.
Whilst such an approach goes beyond current Government advice, nevertheless, the Club is firmly committed to protecting the health and well-being of us all. After all, if we have a significant Covid outbreak within the Club, all teams will be affected and the primary function of the Club, to play rugby, will be severly affected. We all need to continue playing our part sensibly and cautiously.
Thank you all for your continuing and active support.

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