15 Jan '19

Bideford Ladies Match Report

Bideford V Totnes

Totnes RFC Ladies travelled to Bideford grounds for the return play of the season this afternoon.

Play begun with the wind behind Bideford, who kicked off to a dominant start. Piercing carries from forwards play saw the ball work up the Totnes half, creating a Try opportunity for Chloe Pavey who put the ball over the line within the first 10 minutes. This was converted by Nicole Chadwick making it 7-0. Play continued with a bout of heavy scrums, from which the ball found the hands of Tia Larson through dummy play, who ran it under the posts from the half way at 15 minutes in. This was converted by Chadwick, pushing the score up to 14-0.

Play continued with a turn over from Totnes, who began to work the ball back into the Bideford half. Bideford battled to prevent this, and saw Amber Hallman intercept for an attempted Try, but was unfortunately classified as a knock on, to the relief of the strong Totnes defence. Bideford continued to contest for possession and fought a hard 5 minute battle on their Try line against a determined Totnes. Kat Keenan slipped through the line for a Try but the ball was held up. Just minutes later though, the Bideford ball saw white wash again, with Chadwick scoring their third Try of the half in the corner at 33 minutes, though not converted. This left the first half sitting at 19-0.

Totnes returned to the second half with fire in their belly’s, holding possession for the best part of 10 minutes, moving the ball into the Bideford 22. Bideford managed to break this streak with Larson who turned over the ball, but was soon tackled by a quick Totnes defense. Bideford regained possession, playing the ball through all hands to the right side of the pitch to Pavey, who was also stopped in her tracks by a great Totnes cover tackle. Bideford regained possession following this line out. The ball was fed through all hands and reached Chadwick who ran it over the line 20 minutes into the second half of play, not converted, making it 24-0. Two minutes later, Hallman also found the line, moving the points up to 29-0. Three minutes following this, Bideford earned another Try by Chadwick, from a penalty kick which moved the play into Totnes territory, making it 34-0. Back and forth play in the Totnes 22 rewarded Bideford with their 7th Try from Dana Greig-Wills, moving the score to 39-0. From the final kick off, both Totnes and Bideford were still playing hard. Bideford were rewarded with this by a debut Try from Keenan in the final minute of the game. This was converted by Hallman which ended the game on 46-0.

Totnes were a hard wall to puncture defensively, and put in some great runs and hard hits in the back and forth play, particularly in the first 10 minutes of the second play where they were purely dominant. We look forward to playing you again next season ladies!

FOTM: Kat Keenan
BOTM: Tess Cleave


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