28 Jan '19

Ladies Report

Bideford travelled to Minehead Barbarians on Saturday the 26th for a very special return game. The last game against Minehead was played on Memorial Sunday, which we were also commemorating the loss of our teammate, Ellie. Minehead Barbarians Pink Ladies had invited their sponsors, Maitland Walker Solicitors, to watch for this return Saturday match.

Days of rain had taken it’s toll on the pitch, making it wet and muddy, with a big slope from touchline to touchline, it was looking to be a tricky game for both sides to master control.

Minehead kicked off, and with Bideford looking to get a second win, they took the game to them. It was nip and tuck until Minehead kicked through to score the first of their five Try’s, not converted. Minehead were soon to score a second, unconverted, making it 10-0. Bideford came back with a Try from Gabby Hunkin, with the ball making it through the hands reaching the wing just before half time. This was converted by Nicole Chadwick, leaving half time with the score of 10-7.

Minehead came through with another Try, converted, just after half time. This brought the score up to 17-7. Bideford hit back again with a Try from Immy Arcilla-Burrows, not converted. Play continued for 20 minutes, it was tough and physical for both side, with play yo-yoing back and forth. However, Minehead’s  bigger, more aggressive team took it’s toll on Bideford’s defence and ran in two late Try’s, leaving the score 31-12 at the end of the match.

Bideford lost one of their strong runners, Tia Larson, 20 minutes in. Then later in the game, Chadwick and Cath Williams, both strong in attack and defence, were also lost to injury with 10 and 5 minutes left in the game. This also took it’s toll on strength in numbers, with Bideford travelling without substitutes.

Thank you to Minehead Ladies for hosting us on a Saturday, making it special for yourselves and an even more worth the while game. We look forward to seeing you next season.

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