29 Jan '21

200 Club Membership Appeal

I am trying to generate an increase in 200 Club membership as in recent years we have lost a good number due to people moving or regrettably, passing on! At one time there were a full 200 but this has slipped way down to 153 with the resulting loss of income for your club.

Many of you are already members, some have more than the one number for which I thank you. A good number of existing members are not club members, e.g. Enzo the cat, the grandchildren and Mrs May! I am aware many are suffering financially with lockdown, but if you are able to consider joining, it is just £24 annually with the chance to win either £100, £25 or £10 each month with an extra £250 on Boxing Day.

If you are interested and wish to join up you can pay by SO or BACS or by sending me a cheque. Please feel free to contact myself, Stuart May, stuie.may49@gmail.com, 01237 478400 or 07854942660

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