8 Apr '21

Junior Committee Spring 2021 Message

Hi everyone,

Covid and Return to Rugby
Welcome back to Rugby! So brilliant to see so many of our young players returning to training after another prolonged lay off. Hopefully as we ease out of this current lock down we will be able to take steps back to ‘normal’ times.  We still continue to be guided by the Government and RFU codes, and are at stage D1 of the RFU Roadmap. Our season is extended until at least 31st May, which means many warm spring evenings of rugby to come. On 9th April the RFU will publish guidance on how training may continue during the Summer. As a Junior Section we will review this and it maybe down to individual coaches to determine if training for their age grade continues. We are still not certain if we will play any competitive matches this season. As I say everything is under constant review.  Any questions you may have please contact your age grade coach.

The Committee & Junior Coaches are working hard to ensure that our return to training is fun and safe with the emphasis on re-connecting our players, building fitness and providing a framework they need to boost their mental health. 

Committee roles


We are looking to make some changes for the forthcoming season. We will be looking to recruit and pay (on a self-employed basis)  a kitchen co-ordinator/ cook to manage our Sunday meal provision and provide quality counter sales. If you know of anyone who may be interested and some catering experience please get in touch. An advert for the post will be out in the coming weeks.  We felt the kitchen is such a vital part of the club, it needs ownership and someone suitably qualified to oversee and direct parent helpers.

Thanks go to Len who is still works hard on purchasing our food and Clare Bowden who is stepping down as Kitchen Co-Ordinator.


Sadly our current treasurer, Phil Sweetland, is stepping down at the end of this season. The Committee wishes to thank him for his commitment and enthusiasm he has shown for the past five years. Also Ruth is leaving her role of kit co-ordinator. Thanks also go to Ruth and both will be missed! 

So we need a new treasurer. Perhaps someone with financial experience and who is a dab hand with a spreadsheet. It is such a vital role that needs to be filled sooner rather than later. Once again please get in touch if you want to join our committee!

Membership Secretary

This was a role performed by Phil in conjunction with Treasurer. We wish to split this and the Membership Secretary will be responsible in ensuring all membership fees are paid across the Junior Section in a timely fashion.  Much of this work would take place in September and October and will require liaison with the Treasurer to cross reference membership to payments. Please let me know if you would be willing to help your club in fulfilling this role.

First Aid

Good News. Paramedic and Junior Coach, Chris Simpson has volunteered to be our First Aid Maestro. I’m sure he will be able to provide practical advice with his experience and knowledge. He will oversee all First Aid provision within the club. Once again we are sad to see Geoff Russell leave but know his previous excellent work is in good hands.

Sorry! I’m almost done…

Thanks to the Senior Committee, the Junior Section will have more pitch provision from next season. We will be utilising the former cricket pitch area to make an U12s sized pitch and some Tag rugby pitches.  We may have use of the pavilion for toilets and shelter. So good news…!

Other News
We are looking to provide a Kit Trade-In, an initiative for Up-cycling and re-sale of outgrown kit. Items will be ‘sold’ in return for a small nominal donation that will go towards Bideford Juniors. Anyone wishing to get involved please let me know. Obviously something we cannot do right now, but hopefully in the coming weeks!!  We could start collecting items now so if someone is willing to help that would be fantastic.

Well that is about it for now. We are well ahead of the curve in comparison to other clubs and we are very proud to be at the heart of our community.

Thank you all for your continued support.

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