13 Dec '21

Bideford Under 10s Blast Bude away with Top Performance

Bideford under 10s made the short trip over the border to play Bude on a fresh morning on the Cornish coast. Being the second Cornish team Bideford have played this season, Bideford were keen to show once again that the cream goes on first, topped off with some seeded jam.

Thankful that Bude had 14 players, Bideford were able to field two teams on a shorter narrower pitch.

Pitch 1 (The canal end) Captain for the day William Slee faced a large Bude player in a game of rock paper scissors shoot, although the Bude players hands were more like boulder duvet hedge trimmer ak47, William was able to reinact David vs Goliath and won the toss.

From kick off the stand in scrum half Henry Morris passed it to Will Slee who popped the ball up to Oliver Bloodworth who sped through and fed the supporting Jacob who ran over for a try. This week saw the return of Cole White who served a ten day ban for wearing his welsh shirt out and about (he was in covid isolation) and he tackled and ran well all afternoon. Oliver Bloodworth started the morning well traveling down to the mining County, giving us a glimpse of what he would be like when he turns 18, reinacting the car journey with me to Tavistock being sick in his dads car to motivated him against the Cornish. Oli ran hard and scooted in for some superb tries. Jacob “the bull” Garrett was again superb this week hitting the ball from depth and ran in some great tries. On one particular try Jacob dived in theatrically like super man, only to score the try and get winded. Will Harris “The boy of steel” who is half boy and half robot once again tackled like a machine, the cornish trees suffered a blasting over the weekend and Will Harris added to that chopping down anyone Cornish in his sight. Even after the game he turned down a Cornish pasty as he a had protein shake in the car mixed with engine oil. Freddie Simpson turned up fully expecting to smash two pasties before warm up but was left disappointed seeing that the kitchen and bar was closed. This motivated Freds and took his frustration out with some great runs and tackles keeping the Bude players at bay. Henry Morris who was a like a grass hopper mouse (The only mouse that can kill the most venomous snake and spider in the world) tackled hard and low, guesting at 9 for the absent Harry Phillips Henry played well passing the ball out fast and scooting in for a couple of tries. Alice Palmer was like a wrecking ball all game flattening all those who dared to stand before her and passed out some great ball setting up all those around her. William “the jack russell wearing dancing shoes” Slee was superb all game controlling the game at 10 with some superb trickery and hard tackling.

Pitch 2- An absolute superb performance by this team all day showed each and every player smiling from ear to ear. Jack Mitchell returned to a Bideford shirt after his dad simon stole some tickets to watch Eng Vs Sa at twickers last weekend, after seeing the sights of London Jack was positioned at scrum half for the day a position he had never played in before. Jack performed brilliantly passing the ball out quickly and with great support play scooted in for a couple of tries. Lotty “The boss” Hill was superb again this week at fly half, controlling the game from start to finish bossing the boys around her in set plays and drove the team forward. Albert Chiles tackled well all game and also provided some great runs from depth showing grandma and grandad who turned up as number 1 supporters with Bideford hat and scalves what he was made of. Joshua Fisher donning his Keith Lemon arm band was fierce through out the game from start to finish, with his confidence building he scored some superb tries and took the ball up well in attack. Jack “the dentist” Lynd who received his second cap of the season showed what he was made of with an outstanding run through the middle pumping his legs knocking over two Bude players, as well as scooting in for a first try of the season. Hugo “Sonic” Davey was untouchable all day running around like a boy possessed scoring some sensational tries leaving the Bude players speechless. Matthew “the ginger ninja” tackled well and made some good runs into the Cornish half. He passed the ball well all game keeping the Bideford team moving forward. Jack Hastings the boy with legs like tree trunks (not a David Walliams book) ran hard and direct all game, when the space opened up his face gritted and determined, he sprinted through the gap scoring some brilliant tries.

Today was a great squad performance, the team have been working hard all season and their hard work paid off today playing some great rugby. It is always nice to be complimented by the opposition coach and the kids can all have a massive pat on the back with how we represented the club in such a positive light.

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