Training – Rota & Pitch Allocations

Welcome back to rugby training and for what we hope will be an uninterrupted season with plenty of fixtures for everyone.

As normal in order to allow pitch space for all groups we split Wednesday evenings in two, so have an early and late session:

Early session 6-7pm – U7, U8, U9, U10, U11 and U12

Late session 7.15-8.30pm – U13, U14, U15, U16 and Senior Ladies

To note, Junior Girl and Vixens have moved their training to Tuesdays.

Also please be aware, the inside pitch is the Club’s main playing pitch and therefore needs to be looked after. Therefore, periods of inclement weather may mean alternate arrangements are put in place.

Below are the pitch allocations, and where each age group will be training each week through to October half term.

Sept 22ndEarlyLate
Pitch AU10U14
Pitch BU11U15
Pitch CU12U16
Pitch DU7/U8U13
Pitch EU9SL
Sept 29thEarlyLate
Pitch AU11SL
Pitch BU12U13
Pitch CU9U16
Pitch DU7/U8U14
Pitch EU10U15
Oct 6thEarlyLate
Pitch AU12U13
Pitch BU9U14
Pitch CU10U15
Pitch DU7/U8U16
Pitch EU11SL
Oct 13thEarlyLate
Pitch AU9SL
Pitch BU10U15
Pitch CU11U16
Pitch DU7/8U13
Pitch EU12U14
Oct 20thEarlyLate
Pitch AU10SL
Pitch BU11U13
Pitch CU12U14
Pitch DU7/8U15
Pitch EU9U16

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